Communication Strategies, based in Bloomfield, CT, specializes in strategic communication planning, media relations and advertising services through strategic partnerships with government relations and public opinion research firms, media production houses and graphic designers.

Strategic Media Planning – Every campaign, no matter how big or small, needs to set a goal and make a plan to reach it. We will help set those goals, develop the most effective message, and create long- and short-term programs to deliver that message to a target audience through television, radio and print, on line, and paid media.

Media RelationsThe way we get our news changes almost every day, but clients still need to build and maintain strong relationships with reporters and editors to positively impact the way the news is reported. Through first-hand experience in print and broadcast media, and now as a media relations strategist, we know how and when to pitch a story, and which news outlet is likely to be interested.

Communication Strategies provides full-service media relations, including media training and counseling to help clients deliver their own message, assistance with rapid response to breaking news, and on-the-record services. We also provide planning and implementation for press conferences and events.

Crisis CommunicationsThe most effective way to deal with a public relations crisis is to have a plan. Whether in anticipation, or in the midst of a crisis, we will help develop and implement a coordinated and thoughtful public response to breaking news and/or internal communication within a business or organization, including strategic planning, message development, writing and implementation.

Media production – Producing radio, television and internet advertising can be intimidating. With a background in broadcasting, Communication Strategies can help write scripts and copy, coordinate video shoots and audio recordings. We also partner with Connecticut-based media buyers who know this market and can maximize your advertising dollars.

Event Planning – Full service planning and execution for media and message events, including site selection and media advance, on-site logistics such as sound systems, staging and tents, and catering.

Writing – Writing and/or editing of both internal and external documents such as op-eds and letters, newsletters and websites.